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What protocol version should I support...DPV0 or DPV1? What kinds of parameters should I allow and what diagnostic information should I make available to the user? Should I support SYNC and/or FREEZE functionalities? Should I support Fail-to-Known-State?

RC Systems can provide the help in answering these questions about your product design.

Product Design Consultation

What distance do I need to cover with my network? Baud rates...segments...number of devices...repeaters? RC Systems can consult with you on your network architecture or we can train you so that you know exactly how to architect your own network.

Network Architecture Design


A network audit by qualified personnel provides a quality assurance for plant owners and integrators that the PROFIBUS installation complies with the PROFIBUS installation standards and is working properly.

A base-line is established for each network by recording, for example, signal levels, waveforms and cycle time. Periodic, e.g., quarterly or bi-annual,  evaluations of these network characteristics can be compared to the base-line to detect trends that would indicate some network degradation. Early detection of such trends allows the problems to be located and fixed before causing major downtime.

Installation Audit & Base-Lining

Got PROFIBUS? Got Questions or Problems? Contact the PROFIBUSters at RC Systems!!

RC Systems offers on-site training. We can hold a Certified PROFIBUS Network Engineer class at your site. Additionally, we can extend the class to include the Certified PA Engineer module.

We can offer a one-day installation class or it can be extended to include maintenance & troubleshooting.

RC Systems  An Accredited PI Training Center

Network Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing PROFIBUS network problems, RC Systems can come to your site and troubleshoot your network.